Friday, April 13, 2012

Stormy Day, Empty Beach

Last weekend the beach was full of college students lying on the sand in bikinis, children splashing in the water, families picnicking under beach umbrellas.

Today there's no one on the beach at noon.  Dark clouds have scared everyone off.  I took photos of the empty beach and threatening clouds.

As I jogged toward the Venice breakwater, strong wind pushed against me, making it hard to run.

I licked salt off my lips from the moist wind in my face.

Then it started to rain and I was getting soaked.

The rain turned into sleet or small bits of hail, biting into my face.

When I returned, the wind on my back gave me an extra push.

Hearing the roar of jets taking off from LAX, I wondered at them being louder than the storm but then realized it was thunder.  A crack of lightning split the sky as I was just turning back to the parking lot--a good time not to be running on the beach.

This kind of a day is fun for Angelenos--we may not get rain again until next November.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday Brunch


Pelicans, sea gulls and others invited.

Twenty or more pelicans were diving and fishing this morning.   

Usually I just see 7-8 flying low over the water in V formation, but today there must have been a school of fish close to the water's surface.

Third photo is the splash of one diving headfirst into the water.

Clear and beautiful day!