Friday, March 24, 2017

Porsche kills man in parking lot

Trash can flattened by speeding car - Photo owned by Santa Monica Mirror

Santa Monica's reputation is about beach walking and shopping, dining out, enjoying the weather or a stroll on the Promenade with views toward Malibu and Santa Catalina Island.

But on March 21 a young man driving a Porsche turned off Fourth Street into the Civic Center parking lot and accelerated through it, killing a person who had stepped out of the Court House to put more money in the meter for the lot.

The Porsche then careened out onto Main Street, hitting parked cars and being abandoned as the driver ran away.

Every few years a random killer shows up in town, taking the life of a tourist or resident.

This suspect was captured and identified as Abadi Kidane.  He had drugs in his system at the time of arrest.

Keeping Obamacare means continuing to offer psychiatric care and addiction care.

If we cancel health insurance that provides these types of care, the problems of other people may cause problems for us.

Abadi didn't avail himself of the opportunity to get help, and his choice ended a life.

A few days earlier in the same vicinity, a young woman walking on Pico Blvd. to her job at Starbucks cafe on Main Street was hit by a car and taken to UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital with serious brain injuries.  She has been in a coma.