Monday, April 22, 2013

Reflections on Earth Day 2013

Grey, grey Earth Day.  

A blanket of fog extends from the ocean inland, perhaps as far as downtown Los Angeles.

On the beach there is only sand, grey water, and grey sky.

Once upon a time Earth had no seas.  Comets brought water.

Once there was no moon either.  As the debris from the sun's birth circled, consolidating into today's solar system, something hit Earth with a huge impact, blasting debris upward to become the moon.

Hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon somehow led to sea life... which led to reptiles, birds and mammals, including us.

Today the moon pulls Earth's seas as it rotates around us.  

Seagulls pick at the head of a fish on the beach.  

Humans walk and fish and surf on this grey morning at Santa Monica Beach, and we pause to celebrate our planet.  

Perhaps we take steps to protect life, or perhaps we work and play as thoughtlessly as the sea gulls and sandpipers.