Sunday, January 27, 2013

Grey on Grey

                                                                                                                                                                                    Back to jogging on the beach today after three months of rest under doctor's orders.

At 8 am it was raining--not good for my return to beach walking.

By noon the day had turned spectacularly sunny with fast-moving huge clouds.  Just a trip to the post office and a few errands before the beach, I promised myself.

But by 3 pm a bank of fog had rolled over Santa Monica Bay.  Visibility was about fifty feet at the beach.

Grey on grey.  

At least it was low tide--a low of -0.7 feet at 3:14 pm--plenty of wide flat soaked sand to run on.  In fact, you could have put a four-lane highway between the waves and the high-tide level of the rest of the beach.  

On the subject of knee problems: I had no idea that being left-handed could also mean being left-legged.  As it turned out, my right knee had been taking a beating because muscles in my right leg are so much weaker and less used than those in my left leg.  

I'm doing exercises and physical therapy to strengthen my quads and other muscles so the patella won't grind against the tibia so much.  Getting old--it's a challenge!